GAAH! I have greenhouse thrips...

mersiepoo(6)September 9, 2008

I got a plant from a mail order company. I read an article I found on this forum on greenhouse thrips. Is there any good way to get rid of them without using Malathion? That's the only 'spray' I have..was going to throw it out, but do you think it would work on them? It's a single plant (gardenia) that I got. I don't want my other plants to get infested! Then add to the fact that I have to go to a wedding in 2 days and will be gone for 4 days...argh! Hopefully hubby won't kill the plant. And hopefully they won't spread to my other plants..I took it outside and stuck it at the very end of the back of our deck. I'm really bummed out about this, I think I may have to find another place to order plants from. :(

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This wen site will provide you with good information on the reasons why thrips are there and what to do about them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thrips in a greenhouse

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