Giant Pumpkin

NLG1(7b-8a)April 27, 2005

Has anyone tried growing a giant pumkin hydroponically and been successful?

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adrianag(AL z7)

I would love to somebody try pumpikins AND tomatoes. I don't see why they wouldn't beat the pants off of conventionally grown ones as long as you follow the other tricks of growing large vegetables, such as removing all but 2 or 3 fruits off a tomato plant, etc...

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Giant pumkind have giant root systems, they burry the vines on both sides of the fruit and some even deprive the seedlings of light to get em spindly then burry them up to there cotoledons. try it, and keep the rest of us informed.

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egnilk66(9 - Southern California)

I am growing some. The plant is almost three feet long. The leaves are large. But, they're gradually yellowing. Any ideas??

PH looks good, water is a medium drip....maybe a gallon or two an hour. What is it??

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Karen Pease

Yellow leaves can indicate a lot of things. Root rot is one possibility. How do your roots look?

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freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)

Yellow leaves 'usually' mean either too little light or too much water. I'd increase the light and back off on the water.
A gallon or two an hour may be fine for several plants (or a swimming pool!) but if it's just one plant, that's probably your problem.
As long as there are several other strong, green leaves, hack off the yellow ones as they'll die anyway. Your plant will be stronger.
What is your growing medium?

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It's time to start thinking on pumpkins. I've considered a 5 gallon bucket hydro DWC system. Seems to be working so far for my DWC tomato plant. Any comments on 5 gallons- maybe need more than 5? I envision a ramp from the bucket down to ground level. Or I could bury the bucket part way. I'm not trying to enter a contest. Hopefully grow 3 or 4 'kins about 10-20 lbs to share with my friends.


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From what I saw, the product on your website is not FREE as you said. The shipping said it was free, but your charging $5 for the Trial Pack (+tax, there wouldn't be any tax on a free item either). That's what I would consider false advertising, and that's not a good impression. Certainly makes me feel like the post was just a ploy to post a link for a misleading statement, and the word "FREE" was just thrown in to get them to click on the link and view the product (bad ethics).

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