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ottawapepperApril 6, 2008

Hello All,

I find myself in need of some expert advice. I have three chile pepper plants growing in a bubble bucket and mis-judged their size before I started them. I now need to move one.

Can I move a hydro chile pepper to an earth pot without killing it? If so, any advice?



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I moved some strawberries that didn't seem to be going well into dirt. Just transplanted them as normal and watered in well. They seem to be doing fine.

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This a tangerine bell about a week after transplant from hydro to dirt; not looking too stressed.......

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Thanks for the quick responses charlielittle and willard3.

One additional question if I may. How do I handle the mass of roots growing through the mesh pot?

Do I:

1) plant the mesh pot and all in earth;
2) try to pull the roots through the mesh (saving the pot); or
3) break the mesh pot up to extract the plant and roots?

I know, mesh pots are cheap so breaking it away wonÂt bankrupt me but hey, IÂm cheap too LOL!

Any further advice would be appreciated,


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Plant the whole shebang, net pot and all. Dig the pot up after frost, sterilize it and use it again.

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I have to disagree with willard and charlie. I don't think you will successfully convert a plant from hydro to dirt. From a scientific perspective, hydro roots totally suck in dirt (well, it's KINDA scientific) and are unable to absorb the resources or network with the fungi to absorb enough water quickly enough for the plant to survive.

I killed 3 baby squash plants trying this exact thing. I hope you have better luck than I if you decide to try it.

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Willard, iliketoast,

You guys planned those responses to mess with my mind didn't you!!! LOL LOL

No disrespect for your experience and knowledge iliketoast but I think I may give it a shot. I'll be moving one to a 2.5 gallon pot and will move it back to the hydro bin if it starts to suffer too much. I've got three going now so I'll experiment with one. If all else fails I'll have two left and iliketoast can forever remind me "I told you so"! LOL

I'll photograph the excercise and plant progress and post.

I really appreciate the feedback guys!


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