my lemon cucumbers look poopy

ricrellimApril 8, 2008

I just started a hydro grow "hydrofarm emily's garden". My Lemon cucumbers look like they are dying. They are crunchy and have bright yellow around the edges. I checked my PH and it is 6.5. I have 6 netpots in the same resevoir.

Lemon Cuc

Plain ol' Cuc

Rainbow cherry tomatoes

Silver fir tomato

Yellow bell pepper

Sweet romanian peppers

I know tomatoes like higher ph levels but would 6.5 cause the leaves to do this or is it just because they were transplanted from soil just a week ago and they are still in shock?

My tomatoes look good. My peppers are so, so!

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

Not sure what this is causing, but . . . something or other is incorrectly dosed, eg: N, S, or Mg.
Check your dilution instructions and if you can't find anything wrong, wash the system with plain water and change the type of nutrient.

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This is a guess only. Your clay pellets look bone dry. Have you tried puring water or nutrients directly on the plant via a mister or just a bucket?

I say it is a guess because if a plant is not receiving enough water, you'd expect it to wilt, not look burnt like yours does. Still, it DOES look like your plant is having trouble absorbing something, as greystoke suggested.

Were most of the roots broken off during transplanting?

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Well, I was super careful with the transplant and all of the roots stayed intact. I used a felt wick in my netpot to absorb the nutes up to the roots. I will keep you guys posted on the progress

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A plant newly transplanted usually needs very dilute nutrients for a while while the roots recover from the injury. Strong nutrients right away can cause burning.

I've noticed that cucs like a rather low pH compared to many of the others I would probably aim for a pH of 6-6.2 for a happy medium. (I think the cucs would be even happier at a lower pH than that as I seem to but I don't know about the others.)

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I currently have my nutes at half strength. I think its all about water. What I am doing this weekend is converting my setup to a circulating top feed system kind of like a waterfarm bucket. I will put up pictures.

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hinzy(z5 PA)

Hey ricrellim,
How did your circulating system work out? Do you have any pics?
I've created a very small DWC for my lemon cukes...

Here is a link that might be useful: Lemon Cukes!

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They did really well once I changed my system. I am sure if I would have waited for the roots to grow more they would have been fine in a DWC setup.

These pictures are the last ones I took. My sun room has seen temps up to 105 this year and it killed my cucumbers over the course of a long weekend I was away.

The ones I did get tasted great and I will grow them again. They did get huge and crazy. Keeping them trimmed and under control was a lot of work at times.

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hinzy(z5 PA)

They look GREAT! My wife is excited!
Question, I'm trying to keep my PH around 5.5.
Nutes are GH Flora Grow/Bloom & Hygrozyn.
What was your PH level?

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I stopped checking PH. I had so many different plants in the same system it became too much of a chore. Usually when I tested it it was around 6

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