new at this tomato plants dying

williamfelApril 26, 2013

hello everyone, I am new in the hydroponics world, my setup is small, I grabbed some 3in diameter pvc tubes and drilled 3in holes every foot, these are connected to a 50gallon tank with a small water pump and a small air pump. since i do not have must land to plant i started tomato, eggplant and pepper seeds in peat pellets and then place them in baskets covering them with hydroton pellets so the plants have good heavy anchor while they grown up the trellis. When placed in the tubes about half the basket is under water. they grew nicely and started producing tomatoes but then all of a sudden they wilted, the roots turned brown and eventually dried. Any advice? I can post photos later.

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Was it hot outside when they died?

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hi, I live in the Caribbean so its always hot but i have the setup under cover so they do not get hit directly by the sun. i am also growing peppers and eggplants and they are fine

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Root rot?
Pictures will help

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