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Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)June 22, 2012

For this week, I have just five new arrivals:

Golden Meadows:

and again because I love it so:

Fragrant Blue Ribbons:

Purple Haze:

Snow Mouse

Awakening Angel: (which has white backs but not shown here)

Thanks for looking.

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very nice selections!!

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Ooooh! Where did you order from? MUST HAVE Golden Meadows and Snow Mouse! Lovely!

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Great minds think alike! I just ordered Golden Meadows and Snow Mouse from Nalor. Looking forward to them as yours are gorgeous.

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Great looking plants, you have to love Naylor, they always send awesome plants! I have been debating on purple haze, will have to get it now.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

I like the size of your 'Snow Mouse'. I've had some of the others on my want list. I haven't seen 'Awakening Angel' in the nurseries around here (Ottawa, Canada) yet. You'll love your 'Golden Meadows'. I've had mine for 3 years now and it's grown really well even with root competition from my spruce trees.

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Love that Golden Meadows!! Naylor just shipped Awakening Angel and Dancing Mouse out today, or I'd add that one to my order.

I have to stop looking at this forum...I suffer from C.H.A.D. - Compulsive Horticultural Acquisition Disorder.


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This forum definitely enables us! I read the post about Golden Meadows and immediately went to the auction to get one!

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GaryBr, you said it bro!! But I am enchanted with Golden Meadows. I found it at the HL Auction too, do not regret one
itty bitty bit getting it either.

Gardenfanatic, that is an incurable disorder you have there, and it is very contagious. So you too fell for the Awakening Angel....I'm a fan of the white backed hosta, still trying to get a hypoleuca, and AA looked like it might be related.

Irawon, I thought I was immune to the mouse craze, but apparently not. The color of Snow Mouse is irresistable, and it reminds me of Half And Half, which has the same color pattern, sort of blue-green and cream, but then for someone who does not care for real BLUE, I seem to be leaning in that direction a lot lately.

Stay tuned, for next week I have one hypoleuca and a Cathedral Windows headed to south Alabama. It was too hot for them to ship this week. We're expecting some rain this weekend, have to check the forecast for that disturbance in the Gulf.

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