Greenhouse bell Pepper cultivars

timmy1(6a ri)April 11, 2009

I was cruising around on YouTube and I was amazed at the greenhouse peeper production videos. 6-8 feet tall, loaded with fruit. I'm used to growing the short outdoor field type. What variety should I try next season that you can train up a string like that?

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Hi timmy1,
reds , 1.8 - 2.2#/sq. ft. = Lorca, Torkal, Triple 4, Zambra (lesser Parker, Cubico)
yellows, 1.8 - 2.2#/sq.ft. = Pekin, Kelvin, Neibla, Bossanova, Taranto
orange, 1.4 - 2#/sq.ft= Paramo, Lion, Bougie, Emily

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sub/tropical commercial greenhouse peppers' guidelines:
*plant density = 0.27 - 0.36 plants/ft.2 floor space; pH = 5.5 - 6.5
*nutrient ppm (1ppm = 1mg by weight/fluid liter or 1 oz. by weight/7462.7 fluid gallons):
ppm at seedling transplant:
(fertigate 10x/d with 1.3 oz/dispersal)
N:70, P:50, K:119, Ca:110, Mg:40, S:55
ppm at production:
(fertigate 40x/d with 2.5 oz/dispersal ; hot 1.5 gal daily)
N:160, P:50, K:200, Ca:190, Mg:48, S:65

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Thank you gringojay for some very useful information.
I am in the process of planning and building a "Greenhouse Vegatable Production" business. I am starting with a 60' wide X 144' long enviromentally-controlled greenhouse. (Temp., Humidity, Co2, etc.) I plan to grow some of the vineing cultivars you listed above as my first crop.
My question concerns the irrigation schedule you listed above. I know more mature plants require more water but do you think I will need to irrigate/fertigate up to 40 times a day if the temp. in the greenhouse is maintained between 72* F - 78* F. when the plants are @ full production?
You input would be welcome. Thanks

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Gringojay, do you have a resource you pull from or are you talking from experience? If it's a book that is available, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on it.

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