How to shade macs

ivysmomJune 9, 2011

Has anyone here built anything to shade their macs? I am moving the ones in pots around the yard to see where they do best, and there doesn't really seem to be an "ideal" spot as we have no trees in the yard. The only shade is around a storage shed, and even with that, there's still pretty bright sun 5-6 hours a day.

So, I'm thinking of building a pergola to cover the areas where the macs will wind up... or maybe a plant umbrella or... heck, I dunno. A pergola would look nicest.

Anyone here done something like this or seen something like it?

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I added a pergola, some trees (still small) and I have seen others use shade cloth.

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I have created a temporary trellis/arbor inexpensively w/ plasti-coated poles, plasticoated garden wire fencing material & & garden wire all bought from HD! Very easy to put together what's more easy to relocate. I used garden shade fabric on top while waiting for potted Sweet Autumn Clem to climb over the wire ~ this climber did not disappoint!

I thought to do this when we cut down a tree that shaded my 20y/o Nikko before I could move her to a p/s site!

Good luck!

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ditas -
Do you happen to have a photo of that? I'm trying to picture what it looks like, and not quite getting there.

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Hi Ivy ~ I do have the current one posted ~ let me add the first temp one I did in 2009 to show better & post for you ~ very easy & functional even if it won't win any awards!!! LOL

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Hi again Ivy ~ as promised here are pix I pulled to add to this existing album for Clems to climb over. SAC (Sweet Autumn Clem) if planted early in Spring can easily cover the top of the trellis/arbor of plasti-coated poles & fencing wires to shade your mac as it did mine. As I posted above I ended up relocating Nikko & had to dig up & potted Sac. I dismantled trellis/arbor rebuilt as you'll see in this album.

Click to pix to make bigger. 'Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy trellis/arbor

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Ah yes, thank you so much!! Now I can see exactly what you're talking about, and it looks easy enough :)

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Welcome Ivymom ~ won't get an A for attractiveness but functional enough & for my purpose ~ SAC' will be the show in Sept. Actually SAC in now touching the top & soon fill it as she did in '07. I put her in the ground towards the end of May ~ had I put her in sooner she'd be crawling on top by now & shading my 2 Macs.

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