PeeGee Hydrangea Cuttings?

twelveax7June 11, 2012

I need a little advice. This afternoon I looked out my front window and saw my neighbor and his son blindly pruning these monster Pee Gees in their front yard rental home. 3 in a row, each are about eight feet tall. I have no idea why they've decided to do this, but right now there are large branches sitting on their front yard. They just walked away and left them there. So my question is, is it worth it to get those branches, cut them up and try to root them? It seems early in the year to be doing this. I've attempted this three times before and failed miserably, so I gave up the effort until now after seeing them do this.

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I'd say YES. I have been more successful rooting in very early and late spring rather than the middle of the spring. I'm beginning to believe that keeping the leaves moist is more important than the medium moist. Also, I do better with cutting down the very end of the tips. Good Luck to you!

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JessicaBe(5-6 Central Ohio)

Did you get cuttings of it?

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