Has something changed here?

Babka NorCal 9bJune 10, 2012

Normally a posted message stays at the top until someone responds. Tonight I am seeing several posts that don't have responses down at the bottom of the page. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.


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I'm not sure. However, I'm sure that the algorithm that they use is more complicated than that. An unanswered post shouldn't stay near the top forever.

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ogrefcf(5-6 UT)

I think there were so many unanswered post they were just down a ways. I didn't notice anything different last night.

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Wendys_garden(5b Great Lakes)

Babka, I noticed that too last night, and thought it was odd.

It seems to be fixed now, though.


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I've also noticed that unless I refresh the page, any new posts are not showing up. So have you been refreshing after you respond to a few topics? And, some of those on page 2 I never saw, so maybe they were the new things that stayed at the bottom of the page.

They are tinkering with something, I'm sure the changes are not simply to the way you can now post pictures directly to GWeb.

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Yeah, I went looking for a post I made fairly recently, where someone asked me a question, and couldn't find it even 5 pages deep. I feel bad.


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I noticed it too. I found that when I returned to the Hosta Forum repeatedly, the lineup of maybe the top 10 or so postings were rearranged. Though I am not so inquisitive that I charted them, I thought I did see repetitions of the arrangements.

We have a very active forum here, and to me it is a blessing. My tropical fish forum may not have a single new post in several days. We have so many that if one doesn't get a response quickly it is literally dropped way down the list. Then it gets kicked back up via the rearrangement I have seen and begins to get responses.

I think it serves us well.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Yes, an unanswered post that was less than 2 hours old was WAY down on the list. In the past it stays there for awhile (no definition of "awhile", but it used to be at least 24 hours, I think). Had nothing to do with refreshing. Just a quirk I hope. We need at least a day to reply to a post, due to all our time differences, and if it goes way down the page, after other posts with sooner time-stamps, who would look there for an unswered post? I've been on this forum since before I-Village bought Garden Web, and this was different. Oh well.

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The queue of unanswered posts is somewhere around 5 posts, if more are posted the earlier ones fall into the regular lineup. If someone posts 9 posts all at once and no one replies, the oldest four (I'm not sure of the exact number) drop into the rotation.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Thank you, Jeanne! That makes sense to me. I hope hostabilly sees this. He has a lot of knowledge (I believe his wife is Bevie, who's name is on a LOT of HL photos), but too many posts at one time are messing with the works.


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