What Nutrients Do You Use?

TheMasterGardener1(5B)April 27, 2011

Hey everyone.I just wanted to hear what nutrients and additives you use aswell as the brand. Also what system you are running and what plants. I use GH is there a better brand. I use a soiless drain to waste system.

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I use CNS17 "grow". I only grow hydro lettuce and a couple herbs, but I also use it for my spring "starts" (peppers, tomatoes etc.) which are potted in coir. I also use a weak mix for houseplants.

Effective, cheap, easy to use.

Lettuce in deep water culture systems and herbs in an ebb and flow.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Indoor Gardening Adventure

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Thank you for the responce. Yes cns-17 is a good product I am thinking of switching to that. Thanks again.

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