led, dwc hydroponic pepper grow

aquaholic(z7)April 20, 2011

I posted in the "growing under lights" forum a couple months ago because I thought the LED array would bring more comments than hydroponic peppers.

Turns out I have had nothing but water issues.

I found an interesting method of cleaning up hard water using a mr clean car wash tool that has a killer filter in it.

check out the thread here:


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Yes, they sell those type of filters as a inline water filter as well. Probably much cheaper than the mr clean car washer replacements.

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Do you have a link to any of these inline filters?

The Mr Clean 10 use refill is about $20...


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$20 is cheaper than I thought they were. I remember about 15-20 years ago when I first saw those car washers come out. I don't remember if it was that brand or not, but I think they were over $40 with the biggest cost being the filter. so I was thinking the filters were about $30. I'm not exactly sure the price of inline ones because I have never bought one. But I have seen them at Home Depot and Lowe's, and if I remember correctly their around $15. Not that much difference after all I guess. I was thinking they were about 1/2 of the mr clean ones that I was thinking were around $30.

They are used in a few applications I can remember, and I'll try to find a few links. But I have been very busy today trying to start a hydroponic farm business. I finally found someone in this town that has a few bucks (a small inheritance), and that has the same interest in hydro gardening as I do. He also wants me to be a partner even though I have no money to bring to the table. He even has 2 small greenhouses (about 200 square feet) that we're going to use for growing for profit. So I have been busy creating a productive floor plan for the first one, well be setting it up in my backyard soon. I now need to work out all the logistics of the operation, as well as get some prices for materials. But I'll be able to turn that (10 by 20 foot) space into a $4000 a month profit selling to small local stores, selling directly to customers we'll stand to make over $5000 a month (minus monthly operating costs).

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They looking good, would interested to see what they fruit like under LED lights as I have always read that is their downfall.

I also use very hard water and I don't have to many problems, have you contacted your local council or whatever they call it where you live and gotten a breakdown as to whats in the water?

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The fruiting has started. Just noticed the smallest of peppers have exposed themselves. i too, am anxious to see what this LED array can do...

i will be posting pics in the other thread in a few days...

i have not contacted the local water company for the breakdown. i was going to do that but these filters have corrected my issues. Living in a small, rural community, the water i have is what i have :(

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