Aphid control for peppers in container plants

victw(10 So CA)October 13, 2006

Bought a pepper plant on a lark a couple of weeks ago. But since people grow tomatoes year round here - I thought maybe the pepper plant might make it.

Problem is - I have what I think are aphids. I can't hose down - since these are watered by hand on the apartment balcony.

This pepper plant is next to my 2 rose bushes and a tomato. I can live with some aphids - but do not want them going to the roses.

I have sprayed by hand under the leaves with a hand sprayer - but it is not strong like a hose would be?

I do have some insecticidal spray. I bought "Concern" last summer - the active ingredient is "potassium salts of fatty acids." But I am trying to use less sprays.

Questions are:

1) Would planting something in another pot that would attract the aphids help? Does this work with containers? Is that a silly question?

If a "trap" plant would help - what do you suggest?

2) Is using this spray a problem - or not something to worry about?

3) Did I spend way too much money on soap? Did a google search for "potassium salts of fatty acids." They refer to it as a soap. Would it have worked just as well to use dishwasher soap?



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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

1. No. No. No
2. No; it's insecticidal soap -- safe for edibles.
3. No, dishwasher soap isn't as good.

And you can squish 'em. too. Very satisfying!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The commercial insecticidal soaps are entirely different that dish soaps, which are detergents. The latter also contain additives that don't do anything to aid in the control of your insects and often cause serious problems for your plants!

Just read and follow the directions carefully. And keep an eye on those tomatoes and roses.

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