Leaf footed bugs!

tclynxOctober 20, 2007

And other similar stink bugs and squash bugs.

I have a real infestation going and need to learn how to properly use trap crops and what sort of organic pesticides would be useful in the control measures. I need to do something or this situation will only get worse.

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Ok, no answers so far so I took the small shop vac and long extension cord out to the garden and went sucking instead of spraying. This was a bit awkward as I could not support the plants since one had was holding the vac and the other the hose but I think I made a little progress. Some of the adults won't stay put to be sucked up but I think I got most of the nymphs and a fair number of the adults that were not being wary. If I get a good had vac this might be easier.

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Everything I have found about Harlequin, Stink, or Big Footed bugs says to clean up all weedy areas, which will also limit the habitat that the predators of these buggers have so they will not be around. About the only spray I have found that is supposed to be effective is pyrethrin based, until you get into the stuff that will kill everything including you.
I have not seen these buggers in my garden for years, since the soil here has reached the balanced, healthy state it is in now.

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