hydroponic well water

thebonepileApril 20, 2006

so, am still rounding up all materials and studying little things before I jump in....

I found some nitrate fertilizer i had in the garage (from a past forage experiment for my cows), am ordering the epsom salts and calcium nitrate got a ph tester and a tds meter, the timer and pump....getting a scale and i should have everything

figured out my mix using a pnk calculator and the molecular formulas and weight ratios provided on other sites (big thanks jimr007 for refreshing my chemistry math skills)

and by the way jdog006 what is he name of your fertilizer that has 85% of its nitrogen from nitrate?

ANYWAY, I got to thinking ... (plus i got my new meters to try) my well water comes out of well at 5oo ppm - we soften the water for household use, and university tests on our water done a few years ago have said it is reasonable water.....

DO i alter the mix because it is well water? and once the systme is running, I have a question.... let's say 3 gallons evaporates out of the system on a good day - so at the end of the day I add 3 gallons of water and enough food to enrich that 3 gallons and then i balance the ph levels to keep that in check - but how do you reenrich the old solution ? or do you need to?

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Hi Thebonepile,

If your well water is drinkable, generally it should be suitable for hydroponics. Any hardness in it is probably Calcium Carbonate and/or Magnesium Carbonate. You might even have some insoluble Iron in it as well. Only a full analysis will show really what is in it.

If you lose 3 gallons due to evaporation at the end of the day, just add 3 gallons of water and adjust your pH. In mid-summer I lose 30 litres (nearly 7 imperial gallons) and make it up at the end of the day, then adjust the pH.
I top up with one full dose of nutrient at the end of each week, and drain the lot out and wash out with fresh water at the end of week 3.

I hope this information is of use to you.


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The fert I use is Nutriculture 10-20-30.

It sounds like you are going to have a complete setup.

Your water will probably work fine. Don't use salt in your softener. Use Potassium Chloride. The salt will kill your plants.

On a side note, I was looking and looking for another grow bed. I was looking to get one as inexpensively as possible. I stumbled across the neatest thing. Build it out of wooden pallets. It would be very simple to make a basic raised pallet structure and line it with black plastic. It could be used for drip or flood and drain.

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I'd appreciate some expert advice on calcium carbonate in well water .I have just had the well bored. An analysis shows that the calcium carbonate level is 104.35 (the norm is given as 100) However, it's all written in Thai and getting an accurate evaluation on this matter is proving difficult.Can anyone help please?

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