What should I do with this recent ladybug problem?

iflabsOctober 18, 2005

Recently a small heavy storm blasted through our area and left some houses torn down, but luckily for us, we only had minor damages--broken windows, cracked roofs, etc.

My bedroom used to be a den so there are roughly about 5 ceiling lights. These ceiling lights are the kinds that are screwed into the ceiling, leaving a small gap. Apparently, the storm damages and the small gap in the ceiling has allowed for ladybugs to crawl through.

What a coincidence, it's fall and the bright lights in my room seems to be attracting the ladybugs. Our house hasn't been repaired from the storm damages yet, but it looks like the ladybug problem can only get worse.

Just a few minutes ago, I picked off 4 ladybugs with a piece of toilet paper and flushed them down the toilet. It's going to be creepy sleeping with these bugs as they can come and go anytime they want to.

What would you recommend doing now? After the house has been repaired?

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username_5(banned for no reason)

You don't have to have a storm damaged house for ladybugs to invade in the fall.

Generally I suggest doing nothing as they are harmless in the house. Yes, they can be an eyesore if such things really bother you, but there is literally nothing they will do to harm anything in your house unless you have aphids on a houseplant in which case they will likely eat those ;-)

If you wish you can simply include the areas they tend to congregate like the windows, doorways, lights etc. in your vaccuuming and suck them up. I don't know of any way to prevent them from entering if they wish though. I have a new home with solid, energy efficient construction and they find a way into my house every year without fail. I don't think you can ladybug proof a house. Possibly you could install lady bug houses outside your home on the warm side to encourage them to overwinter there instead of in your home, but I never tried that and don't know how well it works.

I work way too hard to attract ladybugs to my yard to ever think of them as pests though.

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The Asian Lady Beetle, the one you are seeing in your house, is now seeking winter shelter and our houses are the closest thing here they can find that is similar to what they hibernated in in their native Asia. The only really effective way to keep them out of your house is to go around in the summer and caulk any possible entry point they could find.
They do not present anything except an aesthtic problem in your house during the winter.

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