what does chipmunk damage look like?

phlowerpower(5)October 6, 2010

Many plants are being nibbled on the last few weeks. I assumed it was deer, but now some supposedly deer-resistant plants are also getting chomped on. I realize not much is deer proof, but it is odd that the lupine, bee balm and aronia bushes are being eaten, whereas my few hostas have been left untouched. They are all chomped off from the top though. Soo...what does it look like when a chipmunk eats a plant? Do they eat from the top down? Seems odd that they would since they are small. I have read they eat lupines though, and I thought lupine was toxic to deer, or at least they avoid it due to the alkaloids.

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I have not seen any plant damage that could be attributed to chipmunks. Those I have seen around here are seed eaters and do not eat plants, unless the rabbits get blamed for chipmunk damage.
The primary concern with chipmunks is the tunneling they do under buildings.

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