Reviving a one year old scorpion pepper with hydroponics

cyberwarriorApril 6, 2014

I have a scorpion pepper that is more than 1 year old that I am trying to bring back to life with hydroponics. The pepper has been this small the whole time without any growth. The scorpion pepper was living in ocean forest potting soil for a year and just yesterday I decided to transplant it to hydroponics. I have nothing to lose right? I am looking for recommendations on what I should do.
These are the nutrients that I am using: I have 3 gallons of tap water inside a 5 gallon home depot bucket. I know that tap water is no good but I used it anyways. I am using 15ml/gal of Pure Blend Pro Grow with 5ml/gal of cal-mag plus. I am using Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer as a foliar spray. Should I continue using Neptune's Harvest?
Also, the PH of the water is 5.8-6.0
Here are some pictures of the pepper plant. It will be growing outside. I have noticed that some of the leaves have curled up and have been falling off after one day of transplant. I believe the leaves were falling off when they were in soil so I'm not sure if it is the stress from transplanting to hydroponics that is causing this.
I would also like to mention that about 2 inches of the bottom of the roots is submerged underwater. Is this good or bad?
I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

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I would feed it half strength nutes for now with no foliar feed. Let it get over the transplant shock and bear in mind the soil roots will need time to convert to water roots.
I have some 4yr old chilli plants that live and overwinter in 20L tubs filled with hydroton, i have a hole 1.5" up from the bottom of the tub with a pipe attached which acts as a drain. I lift the pipe up and manually flood the tubs using a watering can filled with nutes and drop the pipe down to drain it back into the watering can. They always have 1.5" of nutes at the bottom of the hydroton they can use. They are flooded once a week in winter and 3 times a day in summer.

Here`s one of the gnarly specimens.

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