Newbie - Fusarium wilt question

BeardzillaApril 2, 2011

I am pretty sure that my first tomato plant I have ever grown hydroponically has fusarium wilt. Most of the leaves of the plant are wilted significantly. At the bottom of the plant the leaves are yellow and/or dead. The main stem is thinning and turning darkish brown from the base upwards. I see browning areas where the petiole meets the stem.

Long story short, the tomato is a celebrity hybrid and when I started the plant, my hydroponics setup was not ready. The plant was started in a rockwool cube and when I transplanted it, I cut off exposed roots thinking they were dead since they were exposed. This was really stupid as I stunted the plant and this is when I think made it susceptible to fusarium wilt.

I have a second, much healthier tomato plant (also celebrity) that is much younger right next to the sick one, sharing the same nutrient solution (ebb and flow). Is it inevitable that the second plant will have the same problem even though it was not mistreated? I would like to keep the sick plant in place just to watch it go through progressions of dying for learning purposes. The sick plant also is flowering and I want to practice pollenating it if possible.

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Well, if it is definitely fusarium, then you stand a good chance of spreading it to any plant in the same system. One way to know if your plant is getting sick prior to the obvious discoloration is by the wilting. If it wilts during the day but is turgid at night, you likely have it. Be sure to change the solution and disinfect. Since most celebrity tomatoes should be resistant, you still might have a chance to protect it. However, if that is what is causing your problem, then it sounds like the fungus has been around awhile considering the conditions of the plant. Got a picture?

Yeah, not good to cut the roots. Don't sweat it, though. You'll get the hang of it. If it weren't for my stupid mistakes, I wouldn't have learned half of what I have learned. And some of mine turned out to be the expensive kind of stupid. . .

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