Nutrient concentration(EC) and root mass

carbApril 17, 2013


I would like to know if anyone here has observations regarding the relation of EC and root mass of lettuce or similar veg.

If so, does the plant produce more roots in lesser concentration and less roots in higher concentration?

In my experience, my plants produce really long tap roots at 1.5EC. while some of the images i've seen out there have roots that are somewhat compact and short in DWC

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I think the plant produces more roots when the nutrients are too low. Just like searching for water, they search for nutrient and need to grow bigger and increase their surface area to absorb enough nutrients. If the nutrients are the correct amount, the plant can put more energy into growing leaves, flowers and fruit, instead of roots. That is my thoughts/experience, would like to hear what others have experienced.

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Chiles, at least, grow roots on their own schedule pretty much independent of nutrient concentration.

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Is that Rapunzel going down the stairs?

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Based on an experiment, I have noticed more dense roots when there is a lot more oxygen present, so that's one thing maybe my plants aren't getting enough O2. I'm sure there's a lot more factors.

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