Non-circulating hydroponics

Schmeel38(6a)May 4, 2012

Hi I am from Connecticut, summers are usually pretty hot. I was wondering how doing a suspended net-pot method outside would work. I am planning on growing for the farmers market using all organic liquid fertilizers and pesticide free. I attend the University of Hawaii-Hilo and we do the suspended net-pot method covered by a greenhouse with just lettuce and the results are amazing. Would it work the same way here in Connecticut? I plan on growing cilantro, lavender, parsley, tomatos, cucumbers, arugula, and some other herbs and vegetables. Will these types of plants grow well in a non-circulating net-pot method, and how do I keep the nutrient solution under 75 degrees F in the summer? This is all just a start to my future business, all advice and tips are needed! If you know of any other methods that are productive and simple let me know I have to produce for the farmers market and this is my first year with all this stuff, majoring in horticulture so I am starting to find my nitch! Once again any tips, advice, or whatever else would be appreciated thanks again! (ALSO the type of my nutrients I will be using is Go-BIOTHRIVE Grow and Go-BIOTHRIVE Bloom) Never had to use the bloom before all advice is appreciated!

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howelbama(7 NJ)

Im not familiar with that method, but floating frozen two liter bottles in the resevour may do the trick.

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I may be using the wrong method name it is also known as deep water culture I believe.

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Deep water culture system is just a variation/definition of the water culture system. A water culture system uses a pool of water that is aerated, and that the roots are suspended in. The term "deep" is just a common description ("Deep" Water Culture) that refers to water culture depths of more than 6 inches or so. But most people refer to all water culture systems as DWC, when in fact all DWC systems are "Water Culture systems. By definition there is no distinction in water depth of any water culture system. Therefore a water culture system is just that, a water culture system regardless of water depth.

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