Hydrangea lower leaves yellow after planting

gardenerzone4(5b)June 27, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I planted 75 limelights this year in 3 batches (April, early May, late May). I'm seeing some yellowing of lower leaves in 10-15% of those that were planted in early and late May. The lower leaves turn a bright crayon yellow--very even all over the leaf, no veining, no spots, just a nice even banana yellow.

We have been watering the early and late May plantings heavily since planting, as soon as the plants showed signs of wilting. Now they're able to go 3-4 days b/t waterings. The ones planted in April aren't affected by the yellow leaves and only need watering about once every 2 weeks.

I'm thinking this is just a normal reaction to the stress of planting and that the plant will just grow out of it. But wanted to check and see if you've experienced this before. If it's planting stress related, I can't be the only one that's seen it...



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Some people have reported a problem similar to yours before but I do not remember if the problem was ever identified. It did not cause serious harm to the shrubs since I recall reading that the person discussed covering the bottom of a Limelight with another plant so the bare stems would not be seen. May I ask you some questions? Where are you located? Can you take a soil pH sample near the affected plants (using one of those pH kits sold at nurseries? There is one version that tests for soil pH and other things like nitrogen problems, etc; I was wondering if that one would flag some issues. Can you describe how do you water these plants? Does the soil near those affected plants tends to get dry-moist, wet-dry or is it evenly moist? Are the afected plants randomly located? Do you notice any pests or odd things on the underside of the leaves?

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