All White Hosta?

thisismelissaJune 23, 2007

Ok y'all, I'm out of options to figure this out.

I was at a garden club sale in mid-May and the hostess of the sale had a hosta that was all white. This plant has been haunting me and I must have it. I've tried googling "all white hosta" and come up with very little.

I did find h.White Feather, but it appears that this changes color to green later in the season.

So, are there any hostas that are all white for the whole season?

And if there are only color changing ones, what do you recommend?



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von1(z4 NY)

I don't know about all season, but Mostly Ghostly comes up very white. It is looking really bad right now. Leaves are turning brown.

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papou(Z5b Ontario)

Ghost Spirit is totally white as it emerges in Spring. It does turn chartreuse as the season progresses.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the plant HAS TO TURN green.. or it dies from lack of chlorophyll ....

so its a short show in spring ....

there are 3 or 4 of them ... avent had one ... and the name escapes me.. outhouse delight???


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My 'Mostly Ghostly' looks 'Mostly Dead'. Not worth the trouble of planting it!

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donrawson(Z 5)

There are hostas that are all white in the spring and then turn color as the season progresses. Others don't change color, but have leaves that are mostly white. As Ken said, hostas which are all (or mostly) white are not very vigorous because of lack of chlorophyll. Most would die if planted in much shade. On the otherhand, some will scortch or melt out if planted in full sun. Many are difficult and slow to grow and must have optimum conditions. I think many are slug food also.
With all this said, some white-leaved hostas are attractive and worth the effort. Here's a list of hostas that have a lot of white on the leaf, or emerge in the spring mostly white. Print the list off and spend some time scanning the Hosta Library. Don

PS Let me know of any corrections or additions.

Very White-leaved Hostas

ÂAnswered PrayersÂ
ÂBrim CupÂ
ÂChristmas CandyÂ
ÂChristmas CookiesÂ
ÂCraterÂs HeartÂ
ÂEmerald CrustÂ
ÂEmerald EyesÂ
ÂEmerald ScepterÂ
ÂFire and IceÂ
ÂFlat TireÂ
ÂFragrant LightÂ
ÂHoliday WhiteÂ
ÂIvory CoastÂ
ÂKiwi Ice BreakerÂ
ÂKiwi Polar BearÂ
ÂKiwi SpearmintÂ
ÂLakeside Zing ZangÂ
ÂLittle WillieÂ
ÂLook At ThatÂ
ÂMiss MoonbeamÂ
ÂMorning LightÂ
ÂMostly GhostlyÂ
ÂOil on CanvasÂ
ÂOuthouse DelightÂ
ÂQueen Annie LemayÂ
ÂShironakafu OtomeÂ
ÂShow MeÂ
ÂSilver CertificateÂ
ÂWhite ChristmasÂ
ÂWhite ColossusÂ
ÂWhite DoveÂ
ÂWhite FeatherÂ
ÂWhite Gold StandardÂ
ÂWhite HotÂ
ÂWhite SurpriseÂ
ÂWhite TroubleÂ
ÂWhite UndiesÂ
ÂWhite Wall TiresÂ
ÂWhite WaterÂ
ÂWork of ArtÂ
ÂYankee ClipperÂ

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papou(Z5b Ontario)


Remember Me
High Society

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WOW!!! Thank you all. I guess I hadn't put on my old 8th grade biology hat to think about the whole chlorphyl business. And it's good to know too that if I do plan one of these whiter hostas, it'll need more than just the minimial sun that my garden mostly provides.
I do, however, have a small section that gets a good amount of dappled sun, so I think that might be a good spot to set aside for one of these wonders.
I'm halfway considering going and knocking on the door of the lady who hosted the sale, just to ask her of the variety!!!

Thank you all!

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I have an all white hosta that grew along side a "patriot" Hosta...I seperated it and potted it up and it is currently in my greenhouse. All the newleaves are still coming up white...only 1 leaf has a green strip down the centere no wider than 1/8"....I do keep it heavily shaded becasue it will burn. I thought that I would watch it this year and next to see exactly what it does. Has anyone else ever had a "mutant hosta" that stayed true?

Just curious

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"I have an all white hosta that grew along side a "patriot" Hosta"

I have the same thing happening right now. I actually purchased THAT Patriot JUST CUZ it had the "mutant". I was thinking of doing the same thing with it... hopefully someone will have a success to share with us.

Is that officially called a "sport"?

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

There is a new hosta coming on the market this year called "White Elephant".

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Remember when I posted about this 2 years ago?

Well, I went back to that sale today and the hostess from 2 years ago was there. She told me it was White Wall Tires!

So, guess what I will be buying???

Hers faced west, my location would be east-facing, so hopefully, I'll still have a good show of white!

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hostared(Z5, IL)

London Fog is very white slow to color up.
Considered a small hosta.

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i tried hosta 'white feathers' from veseys... no success
gave up on it.

it's still readily available through veseys

on a side note, i have two eyes on 'night before christmas' that start off like all the others and end up completely white by the end of the season. they've been doing this for two seasons now. can't wait to see what happens this year :)

Here is a link that might be useful: white feathers

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White Elephant is the whitest hosta I have. It's medium-large. It rarely greens up for me. And it grows like a weed. Mine is growing in mostly shade. It gets 2 hours of dappled sun in late afternoon. I give it my highest recommendation.

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I need to find a Hosta that is yellow. I need a lot of color in front of a shed. I have seen a lot of pretty yellow Hostas but can not figure out what would be truly a great yellow. I have seen one with curly edges but can not find it again. I need one that is med. to large.

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