Standard DWC cherry toms

bridgemongerMay 16, 2013

This is my first system, so lots of learning. I am in the process of doing my fist single plant 5gallon. The current is 10gal roughneck tub with 2 plants. Was 3, but I 86d one for space. I've had few bumps I have figured out and I a pretty sure everything is going well. My system is the mentioned tub, south facing window, and a pair of 125w cfls. And a small fan. I am running GH floraduo and for some reason nectar of the gods Herculean harvest. I started bloom about a month ago (when I had also figured out I was under feeding- which explained the yellow crumblies) and I have flowers and green matters popping up all over. I see lots of people talking about closed pollination and I just have to say, a gentle "running" middle and index finger on the flowers and stem seem to work great. Getting sideways here. Oh, I change water @ 2 weeks and at one week --- now --- I add nutrients based for 2 gallons of water. I just don't believe the guide follows true when plants become larger.

Anyhow, question is about how long from the first green till it starts going red? I think it's been 2 weeks about and I am expecting any day now for red to start coming in. Supplying a picture if anyone eagle eyed spots something let me know!

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Better close up for possible insights. Honestly, I think I'm just impatient. And they are fine.

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Do you live in China? I noticed both you pictures are upside down!
But seriously, waiting for your tomatoes to go from green to red is like watching water boil. It seems to take longer than it does but once it starts they all start.
You plants look healthy, BTW.

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Lol grizz, used an iPad. They display correctly for me. I get what you're saying but ya know ... Lol.

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