Some new ones

mbug_gwJune 13, 2014

Some new ones I'm excited about. Pictures aren't too good. I wanted to put them up in case anyone is growing Tickle me Pink, Kinba, or Stir it up and would be willing to post their pics. Will try to post better ones soon.

Stir It Up -Red petioles wavy leaves. Leaf backs are white

Tickle me pink - small. The petioles are red and supposed to get some red on leaf tips and a hint of red across the back. Don't see that yet


Kinba - I think I'm really going to like this one

Golden medows


Curly fries - Still not sure about this one but I had a spot where I thought it would be a good fit. We'll see

Wylde Green Cream

Waukon Glass


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Excellent, sir.

Don B.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

QUICK ... kinba's already breaking out of its pot... crikey

grab it.. before it gets away ... lol


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Looks like it's trying to take off...Figure if it'll grow on a drive way, a half a pot should work too...LOL

Thanks Don!

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Just to bump up.
Anyone growing Kinba, Stir it up, or Tickle me Pink?
Would love to get your feedback.

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