Swiss Chard

tampahydroMay 7, 2009

Wondering if anyone has experience growing swiss chard hydroponically. I am having trouble finding information online, but im sure someone could offer advice.

First off, I am wondering what the ideal nutrient solution is. I have also read they are able to tolerate partial shade, but is that actually preferable this time of year in Tampa, FL?

I should add that I am growing them in a static flood and drain perlite system grown outside.

What would the ideal pot size be? I was thinking quart to 1/2 gallon size.

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

Swiss Chard: pH 6.5 - 6.8 (growth stops @ pH's N 200ppm
P 50ppm
K 160ppm
Ca 260ppm
Mg 40 ppm
S 50ppm
EC: ±2000µS max (tend to grow better at lower EC's)

½ gallon pots are OK. They can take partial shade. In fact - here in Africa - they suffer a bit from the midday

Have fun

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I am growing it presently in an ebb and flow system under glass. The TDS is 1370 and the pH is 6.5. I am using four inch pots and there are fifteen pots in a 3 square foot system. There is a photo on my blog.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydroponic Workshop

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

They look yummy jackfrost.

I'v tried Swiss Chard in DWC, but the roots are thin, frail and sensitive. The plants don't like them moved around, so it was a disaster. Ebb&Flow seems the best.
I didn't have much luck with 2000µS. Seems to be too strong.

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I tried DWC also. I had a few extra plants and stuck them in an ebb and flow. They did so much better in the ebb and flow I have not used DWC for chard since. I had some for dinner last night. It is excellent, tender and tasty. The TDS I am using is about right for my system. I am also going to try beet greens in the ebb and flow. The chard does not seem to mind the heat, but I do use a shade cloth to block the midday sun.

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