Catching a gopher?

dmullen(Southern CA)December 22, 2004

My yard has gophers from time to time and I usually can get rid of them by injecting poison pellets into their tunnels along side their lateral lines that are covered with a mound of dirt.

Now, I found an open hole (1"-2" diameter) near my driveway and don't know where it goes. If I put a macabee or simiar trap in the open hole, am I likely to catch the gopher or is there a better way to get him there? Thanks

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I goofed on this posting.

Saw the previous postings but seems like most of them refer to hidden tunnels. I thought that an open tunnel might be treated differently.

I am going to try to just put a macabee trap into this open hole in the ground and see what happens.

Put poison peanuts in there and the gopher didn't go for them. It is a fresh hole so I am sure it is being used.


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Are you folks still having troubles with gophers?
You have to call this guy, I have learned so much about gophers and how to get rid of them. He is in Southern California, he can help you regardless of your location. 562-866-0731.
Good luck

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