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zen_act(ACT Australia)January 10, 2006

A better photo

Image link:

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hello_c_j_here(7 Cary, NC)

Wow... I love the garden...very tranquil...maybe by coloring it to more closely match the brick and mortar tones it will blend in better. Just a thought... that way there is no obstruction for the vented area.
Hope that helps a little

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Jando_1(Zone 5 IL)

I can see the waves lapping on shore zen act. With that statement you know you have done something right.

You asked for advice so here goes. In my opinion the brick needs to be softened. You don't have much room there and want to keep some space between the island planting area and brick. Maybe some type of vine could work others might suggest bringing the fence around to cover the brick wall. Also if it had been me I would have switched the boulders. The larger in back and the smaller in front. To me that would give it a sense of a large mountain in backround rising from the sea with the smaller foothill in front. The end result would give you a feeling of distance and more space. I think I also would not have so perfectly centered the island in the space. I would have placed it back just a bit and to the left slightly then turned it slightly clockwise. And if that had been done the placement of the elements on the island would have changed also. I am not suggesting you move it now just a thought for future referance.

I would also like to see the view you have from inside looking out. I think you have really done a good job and have a really good start.

Two thumbs up Jando

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zen_act(ACT Australia)

CJ & Jando - thanks for the kind words and the great advice. In Canberra we only have a few japanese gardeners so getting knowledgable advice is very hard to come by.

Jando you mentioned large rock at the back and small at the front. I totally agree with you and have kept this in mind for representation in my other courtyard - but for this garden i tried to create a sense of enormity by having that large rock at the front and the depth seemingly moving into the distance. I researched, drew it, made mud mounts representing the rocks and generally spent weeks deciding on those particular heights and aspects. As a new comer to japanese gardening it was a risky venture.

This is my first go at creating a Zen garden and to get the concepts correct is not easy. I love reading about it and am totally captured by the power a simple garden can represent.


p.s. how do i attach photos to a reply?

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I like what you've done. I agree that the water system thing on the wall needs to be less conspicuous. I've found that very often a coat of suitably coloured paint can make a dramatic difference. And if you go that route, you could perhaps paint the downspout & the window frame to match. I don't know how successful paint could be on brick, but if you're inclined to change the colour of the bricks it might work with them too: otherwise I suppose you could use stucco.

I wondered what your rock would look like if I added another, low one, and then I wondered how some simple, low, split bamboo edging might look, so I've added that too.


Click to see

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zen_act(ACT Australia)


Wow... you have gone all out on my garden, i love it. On the weekend I was fiddling around with a rock in nearly the exact spot you have your virtual one.

I might paint the hot water system. All this feeback points towards that being the solution. I will post a photo once i have finished it and the rock is in place.

Thanks to all,

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