Oakleaf little honey leaves

miclino(5)June 21, 2010

Planted an oakleaf hydrangea little honey a few weeks ago and it seemed to be doing well. It is in sun till 2pm. Does not appear to be in dry soil as the soil at base is moist. The leaves look healthy and new leaves are appearing. Beautiful gold foliage.

Problem is I see some foliage with leaves burning at the end. One of them has reddish discoloration as it burns to a black. Not enough water? Too much water? ideas? Thanks.

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Pic from top showing some brown discoloration on top leaves. Other foliage looks healthy. No wilting.

A few leaves burning at the ends as you can see. Although I only saw the red coloration on one leaf.

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Possibly too much moisture. Oakleafs will not tolerate excessive moisture in the root zone.
Withhold water, remove the mulch, wait for a few days and check for soil moisture around the plant. If still damp, there is a drainage problem, that must be corrected, for the plant to survive.
Water only when the top 2-3 inches of soil becomes dry.
½ gal. of water = approximately 1" per ft²

All of my Oakleafs, including 'Little Honey' are grown in either, well drained sandy loam, on a slope (when there is heavy (clay) soil), raised beds (at least 8" above surrounding area) or in pots, with well draining ground bark, perlite and compost mix.

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Could be an overhead watering, especially in a late part of the day.
There is nothing to be overly worry yet. Plant is still young and need to settle. It will go away after first overwintering.

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I think you might both be right. I have a sprinkler head nearby and I adjusted it to also hit the hydrangea because I heard they were water hogs. This was three times a week. Needless to say I stopped that a week ago. Have also moved mulch as suggested. It is in a raised bed but unfortunately on a lower corner of the bed. Not much I can do now about that. I should have raised the plant itself slightly higher because I feel rainfall might drain to the lower corner of this bed where the hydrangea is situated. Not much I can do now is there?

Thanks guys. Love the foliage on this plant. I would love it to flower but won't be upset if it doesnt.

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