Hydrangea Problems

happyhollistersJune 17, 2011

Can anyone take a look and tell me what the problem might be with these Twist n Shouts? I planted them 4 weeks ago and have kept them moist. They look so wilted and I don't know if I should cut the heads, yet they are showing new leaf growth? Any ideas are appreciated.

Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydrangea

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I would not be alarmed. Transplant shock and the arrival of summer temperatures will make newly planted hydrangeas wilt and dry out some of the leaves. Lacecap blooms can also suffer and they do not last as long as mopheads. When your plant is established in your garden, its roots will be able to handle all this better. You can deadhead the blooms if you wish.

Compared to mine, your shrubs look great! You should see hydrangeas here in Texas. When the temperature gets to 104 daily, just about every leaf looks wilted. Almost makes you want to say 'Oh wow! Poor thing'. Luckily, they tend to recover on their own by next morning. If they do not, I water them.

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Wow, luis pr, thank you. I was ready to give up on them, they look so bad to me. If I deadhead them will there just be the greenery? The flower part just looks dead to me. I also think a rabbit got to one of them, the middle is nothing but stalks. I don't know, at this point I wish I'd gotten something that looked good right away. The coral bells are doing fine...

Do these Twist n Shouts just get petals around the large lacecap area? Thanks again for the info for a newbie.

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I planted an incrediball last year in July and the poor thing dropped so many leaves even though I watered it everyday. Hydrangeas need time to adjust to new surroundings. Don't expect a lot this year keep watering and next year they will bounce back nicely. Also even when they do bounce back you will need to water regularly for another year until the root system develops. But they will always droop in extreme heat. That's why some folks call them water hogs.

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Give them time. Ideally, they don't get significant amounts of afternoon sun. Deadhead if you wish.

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Deadheading of Twist N Shout encourages production of new blooms so yes, you will have greenery for some weeks until new blooms develop and open. See the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning Tips

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is it wise to deadhead all hydrangeas?

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craigbear(z6 NYBuffalo)

Please help:
I have 3 Hydrangea bushes in my front yard from 3 -5 years old they have suddenly started to wilt we have had plenty of rain here in Buffalo NY I know they dont need water and they are in shade.My hosta planted in front of them are just fine. I dont understand this sudden turn for the worse the appear to be dying.

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Wow Craigbear - I'm having the same problem with several of my many hydrangeas. I live in Elbridge, NY, over near Syracuse, and we had tons of rain in April and May and all my plants were doing very well. But in the past couple weeks I've noticed branches drooping and dying. I've been cutting off the ones that do that, but I don't know what the problem is - overwatering or what. The worst one is in bloom on one side and dying on the other. HELP!!

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too much water-probably root rot-

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