The Dark Garden: Problem

georgeiiiMay 13, 2010

I'm about to start a number of projects that I feel some would be interested in. I'm going to be using the Non-Nutrient Hydroponic method to grow Giant Pumpkins, tomatos, corn., etc. Problem tho is I don't want to be seen as placarding, ego tripping or showing off. But.., but and here' where the rubber hits the road. I'm sixty years old thank you very much and I have my own opinion. It's true I can get crankie at time but hey I'm entering secound childhood and I earned it. As for answering question, sure if I have the time and interest. I have a life I'm sometimes happy to say and it's involved.

The problem here is I might take the first ten slots for the whole summer. I think their going to be that intereting. (makes me want to run out and start right now)but if you think that's too much just say so.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "the first ten slots of the whole summer"? You mean the first 10 weeks?
I've found that if you post pictures and comments under one thread for the whole project and then update with more pictures and comments on that thread, it is a lot less detracting than starting a new thread everytime you want to post something new about an existing project. When I've done this, I always post a link to it in my profile. That way if it works its way, wayyy down the list before I update it, I can find it without much effort.

Alternatively, you could create a simple web page and simply post a link to it.

Did I at all address you issue or did I miss it by a mile?

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Start a blog over at

It's fun and easy.

First 10 slots = too much of YOU.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Greene Tomato

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I have to agree, a blog is a great way to update many projects at once and you can group them together in a link on the side :) I use blogspot dot com personally, but a lot of people use wordpress too. The first 10 threads on the first page is a little too much of ANYONE. If you don't want to blog, then just start one thread and update it as you go that way.

I'm interested to see how your projects do.

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Way too much!

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See, I agree. But and here's the rub I really see a need for this. Let me give you an example. The city is now trying to raise money by charging you for rain run off. In theory your making use of their sewage system. Same teabagger mentality as some on here. just denie. Just denie what is natural and God given. Sunshine is next. but anyway, I want to do a Rainwater Garden. Main reasons being storage, reusability and portability. I talked to a trash man, got an address and came up with 6 food grade 55 gallon plastic barrels. By next year I hope to make it 12. I have a large concrete pit out back to put them and time to put it together. It's just Arts & Crafts but the Garden grown hydroponicly only on rainwater. Yeah, yeah I know the problem with rainwater but I think I got the fix.
There's another about someone here considering growing Okra hydroponicly. So am I, the seedlings are ready to go out today. See, there's several aspects of hydroponic gardening your not touching on that I am right now.

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