Non ripening tomatoes

Garland.homeMay 12, 2013

Suggestions needed,
Last year I grew Celebrity tomatoes in deep water culture in my greenhouse. The plants were rugged, the roots healthy and plentiful, and the fruit beautifully red to look at but un ripened white inside. There was some blossom end at first buy Cal-Mag took care of that. Now that I have more plants ready to go I'm hoping to avoid the same difficulty. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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Try using a ripening supplement like 'General Hydroponics KOOL BLOOM'.

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I've never heard of or experienced anything like that before. My only thoughts are maybe your greenhouse somehow had a buildup of gas that forced them to change colors before they were ripe. (Akin to placing them in a paper bag to force their color, but on a larger scale)

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chuck(Z10,SW FL)

I pick my tomatoes green and let the ripen off of the vine.

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They normally taste better if they ripen on the vine, though they do tend to be softer that way.

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