Texas Japanese Gardens photos

davissue_zone9(z9 Sunset 14)October 30, 2005

On my recent vacation to Texas, I made it a point to stop and visit that state's notable Japanese Gardens. Here's a few pictures:

Fort Worth Botanical Garden's Japanese Garden- this was very large, well maintained and very beautiful. Almost every picture I took came out well, there didn't seem to be any angle that there wasn't a pretty vista.

Zilker Park Botanical Garden's Japanese Garden in Austin. This was an interesting garden that used the local limestone as a building material.

This was a very small, well maintained Japanese Garden run by the San Antonio Botanical Garden

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Sue - Those are very interesting pictures. I like what I see in the two San Antonio Botanical Garden views,.

I also like the general layout I see in the middle picture of the Fort Worth garden, but I don't much like the lantern. I think I'd prefer the lantern to stand somewhere less prominent - more discreet if you will. I don't like the rock nearest to the camera either. Maybe it's just the particular perspective, the rock looks as if it's just lying on the surface, ready to roll over and crush the shrub next to it.

I have mixed feelings about the gateway in the third Zilker Park picture. Aside from not having seen a gateway quite like it anywhere else (2 lanterns in what I think is the Kakuashimoto style, flanked by two roofed fence panels) something about it makes me uneasy - maybe it's the proportions - I wonder if it would look better if the fence panels were taller and wider?


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Because I was curious to see what the Fort Worth Garden might look like if it used a different rock in the foreground & if the lantern were moved, I've modified Sue's picture. This is what it might then look like.
Click here to see it

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