ever grow 'irises' in hydro??

novice31m(6nj)May 29, 2004

can this be done? what kinds are good in hydro?

know a good nutrient schedule? clay pellets ok?

drip,ebb and flo,or dwc?or all? thanks...

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I have not forced iris in hydroponics but the bulbous iris would seem to be the best candidates, especially Dutch iris.

Many flowering bulbs can be forced in water. There are special forcing glasses sold for this purpose especially for hyacinths.

I have easily forced paperwhite narcissus and amaryllis in water. You may only need calcium and boron in the solution because the bulbs contain enough stored mineral nutrients. Calcium and boron are needed in the external solution to maintain root membrane health.

Tulips can be forced hydroponically:

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Hershey,Thanks for the info and web site..

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