nu2hydroMay 15, 2013

I am New to hydroponics well i built my system and i i got everything up and running it everything is going great except i started getting algae formation and i built my reservoir out of a clear container so i went and bought a container that light will not penetrate. Now when i sterilize and move everything to my new container how would i go about killing the algae build up on my Rock wool or do i just have to wait till my next crop to make sure it doesn't on my next crop? and i also found what looked like a fungus gnat larva on one of my fired clay pellets just found the one and have combed the system several more times and haven't found any so don't think there will be a problem but what can be used to ensure no problem does arise thank you in advance.

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It's not a big deal. You can mist the top of the cube with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution to deter the algae.

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you needn't worry too much about surface algae. One fix for both that algae and the fungus gnats is to cover the medium with something like aluminum foil. it will block light to kill the algae and smother any gnats that may hatch.

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Awesome i was going to use some Kydex i have laying around the house will that work?

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Well i am not sure what happened but the Algae stuff that was there is all gone. Well at least it looks like it is i had little greyish green stuff floating all around in it yesterday now i get off work today and the whole tank is clear doesn't seem to be anything floating around at all can it just disappear like that or was i just mistaken?

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it doesn't usually disappear but may have broken up to be less obvious. also, it may have gotten stuck somewhere out of sight like in a pipe or in your medium.

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well i got to looking and the algae had settled on my heater in my water and on my thermometer.

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Algae is ubiquitous and you can control it but not eliminate it.
Hydrogen peroxide helps control it.

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