Hydrangea Spacing

kingme77(6)June 20, 2011

Hello everyone. I have decided to plant some shrubs in the front of my house. Upon trying to decide what I wanted I continuously came back to hydrangeas. I settled on three different ones. Nikko Blue, Tokyo Delight, and the new Vanilla Strawberry. I have the place picked out, however I am worried that maybe I do not have enough space for all three. The bed in question measures 18' long. And I see that each Hydrangea can get up to 6' wide. The space is in between a birch tree and our front porch. I have attached pictures so you can get a better idea. I know the existing shrubs in the pictures will have to go. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. And if you haven't figured it out, I am no expert.

Thank you.

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I have 3 hydrangeas planted close together in my front yard but they are all the same. I thought of putting a different hydrangea in the middle and after walking past another perosns yard I decided against it and returned the plant. I took a picture and if I can figure out how to post it I will. It was an azalea between two evergreen bushes and the evergreens were choking out the azalea creating this weird pink stripe between the evergreens.

If you plant them close together you will need to be on top of your pruning. If not you could end up with a funky stripe down the road. I had no choice but to plant my ES's close together I have one shady spot on my entire property. Also be aware of sun requirements, I think a vanilla strawberry requires more sun than a Nikko blue.

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Thank you for the reply DDhydrangea. I have just planted all three today. They are about 5' apart and each should receive roughly 7 hours of afternoon sun starting at 1PM and ending at sun down. I know they prefer morning sun, I am hoping they will be OK in afternoon. Not sure if that's to much or not enough. If I need to prune then I will, I guess time will tell.

On an off-topic note, I clicked on your name and noticed we share the same birthday. Funny huh,

Thanks again.

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