When to prune Oak leaf hydrangea

botanybabeJune 27, 2009

Hello everyone,

I am a novice at hydrangeas, but I'm a long-time gardener. I have a huge Oak leaf hydrangea that is taking over my whole lilybed. I'd like to cut it back, but I know nothing about when is the appropriate time, or where to prune. It has finished blooming, the heads have turned pink and shrunken about 50%. Would this be a good time? Would I be sacrificing next years blossoms?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Prune it before the end of June, Lainey. In the South, pruning should be done by June. You probably have some more time than I do but this is a moving target controlled by Mother Nature as they say so, for sure, you will not sacrifice 2010 bloomage if you prune before July. After July, you probably have a few more weeks when it is ok to prune but it becomes more difficult to be accurate. It would definitely help if the plant sent an email saying it has started developing flower buds but oh well... :o)

While you are at it, consider if you need to transplant it since you will eventually have to prune again to keep it in check. Alice for example, can grow 8'x8' by year 10. Both transplanting and pruning can be done now but it will cause a lot of transplant shock to the plant because of the hot summer temperatures and reduced humidity. You could prune now and transplant when the plant has gone dormant instead. Some bloomage may still be lost due to transplant shock but hopefully, it will not be a total loss.


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Thanks Luis, You're a gem!!! I'll take your advice, but think I'll transplant after dormancy. It's way too hot now.


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