Prunus mume 'Hokkai-bungo' pictures?

oath5(z6b/7a MD)January 20, 2011

I just ordered one of these for our front yard where an old red maple used to be and now that it's sort of bare due to losing the tree in a wind storm, I thought a smaller tree would look pretty there. It looks too naked without a tree. My parent's house is grey with black shutters so I thought the dark-pink/red color would be most stunning against it and the dark yews they have out front. Especially because you don't see too many mume here for some reason. Also when it get's bigger would also be seen from the road, and I'd imagine flowers at the early time this is supposed to bloom would make more than one person slow down I think.

I'm having a hard time finding pictures of this cultivar though, except an old slide photograph. Does anyone have any photos of this plant they could share so I could have a better idea of what to expect my plant will look like eventually? I hear it's really nice.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I'd love to be able to show my family what I decided to buy for them in place of the old tree.

Thanks again.

- Max E.

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Try photos on or contact the owners. I drove to the nursery to purchase 2 different cultivars from the nursery 2 years ago and they have just finished blooming. Unfortunately, the cultivar names were written in pencil on the trees. I had left the tags hanging on a branch and the writing has now faded. Another source is Bob Mahler, of Kifu Bonsai. He spent 5 years apprentcing at a bonsai nursery in Japan that had particular interest in Prunus Mume.

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