Variety resistant to rust and question on shade

jennifer_in_kansas(5b)June 8, 2011

My backyard needs lots of help but the 1st place I'm starting is this 6 x 26 bed. I'd like to use hydrangeas across the back and then some medium & small hostas in front.

If you can answer any or all of these questions I sure would appreciate it. My goal is to this bed done this week.




1) Does this get enough light for hydrangeas?

2) Several trees in my area have rust. I understand rust won't kill the plant but by the end of the season it might not look so good. Is this true?

3) Is there a variety that is less susceptible to rust?

4) Last, but most important, good for a novice?

Please let me know if I've missed anything



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1) Looks like it
2) I don't think hydrangeas get rust
3) See 2
4) Annabelle for white, Bella Anna for Pink

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Should have googled first. Put it this way, I have never seen rust on hydrangea in all my years.

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Ginkgout is spot on-perhaps a limelight or two as bookends

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Ginkgonut - Thanks for the suggestions! I Googled them and they look wonderful.

Hokie - Limelights have really made a splash in the hydrangea world, haven't they? Even I've heard of them and that means a lot since I'm such a non-gardener. They were the first variety that came to mind. Thought they might look good against some limey colored variegated hostas. I think I can only get 4 plants in this space -so I have enough room for air movement & hostas- so it doesn't look like Limelights will make the cut for this bed.

Is there anything particular to hydrangeas that I should I look out for when purchasing the plant? Brown=bad is the extent of my knowledge!

I've read a few comments that said it took a while for the hydrangeas to bloom. Could that be due to the size of the plant purchased? If so, what's the minimum size I should look for to get blooms next year? Don't want to spend too much since I have a lot of backyard to work on but completely understand the "get what you pay for" saying.

Thanks in advance :)

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Holy Guacamole ~ hydrangeas are expensive!

I went to 3 garden centers before I finally found the recommended varieties.

All of the 1 gallons have been sold. The 3 gallon of Anna Belle is $39.99 and the 3 gallon of Bella Anna is $49.99.

Does this sound right? Do I need to shop a little more? Hate to drive around town looking for these if these prices are accurate.


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hi, I'm VERY much a newbie, but here in the nw suburbs of Chicago, I've seen annabelles at home depot, I believe for less. One thing I've done is to find the nurseries in the area online, sign up with an email, and sometimes you get a coupon or a newsletter saying when there's a special. I think the prices are inline for what I've seen around here. In the past I've bought some 1 gallons, and waited and waited. I know you have a lot to do, but sometimes the bigger plants help give it a more finished look sooner.

Another idea is to do the hydrangeas now, add the hosta's later when plants start going on sale farther into summer. If you lived near me, I'd offer to split mine and give you a bunch. Let people know you are thinking of planting hostas, you might find someone wants to give you some. The pto at my son's school once decided to try to beautify some of the trees in front. My friend and I offered to split ours. Just the 2 of us supplied enough for 10 trees.

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Just saw in another post Parks has hydrangeas on sale if you want to deal with mail order.

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vbnet - Thanks for all the tips! I did sign up online at several nurseries for newsletters & "clubs" but no coupons arrived in my inbox - bummer. My local HD had some Annabelles but they looked diseased - all spotty and brown. I ended up buying my 2 Bella Anna's at Earl Mays for $29.99 and my 1 Annabelle at Family Tree Nursery for $37.

Here are a few pics. I still have some bed reshaping and edging & mulching to complete but wanted to give an update. I sure do hope the Bella Anna's grow into themselves. They look so leggy and sad right now.


Bella Annas:


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oh yay! New hydrangeas =) I'm very much a newbie so I'm not going to pretend to tell you how to care for them, so you'll have to read up on that, but I think the blooms are delish!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

The diseased looking ones may be worth a try if sold at a reasonable price. After all, leaves last less than a year and you always get new ones in Spring. If the leaf spots were due to overhead watering at HD, I would throw them into the trash in the Fall and save some money in the prices. But if the spots looked like something else or something serious then EH!.... :o)

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roselane(5b/6a Kansas)

Hi Jennifer,
I guess that you probably won't get this since the last post was 10 months ago. However, if you are looking to buy more hydrangeas eventually, like I always am, I recommend Suburban. I like the one on State Line. They have pretty large Annabelle's (and I think other varieties) for less than $25. I love Family Tree, but their prices are relatively high in the KC area, so I typically only buy things there that I cannot get elsewhere. I hope that you get this and it helps!

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I picked up two $5 discount hydrangeas towards the end of august at Lowes, got a Pinky Winky and a Blushing Bride, both looked p.bad, still had leaves, but pot bound and yellowing and dry, however they are growing great this spring, keep your eye out for deals, and jump on them.

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Hey, Jennifer, I'm starting to get the coupons now in the Chicago area. $20 off $50. Don't forget to go thru all the circulars, sometimes they get stuck in there. Also, if you can be patient for plants, watch Home Depot and Lowes, they sometimes get interesting things. I'd love to see how your hydrangeas come up this year. I take a walk around my garden every morning before work to see how things are "growing". My husband thinks I'm obsessed. He's right. Lots of leafing out.

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