Truncheon question!

denalilofts(5 AK)May 25, 2007

Ok guys this is a dumb question but I'm not exactly sure how to read my meter. The guy at the garden store that sold it to me didn't seem to know much more than I. I have a brand new Bluelab truncheon. It has one row of lights and 4 scales on it. The scales are ppm (ec X 700),cf, ec, and ppm (ec X 500). The meter is working fine I just don't know which ppm to use? The ppm (ec X700) has a scale from 140 up to 2520, cf is 2 to 36, ec is .2 to 3.6 and ppm (ec x 500) is from 100 to 1800. I just took a reading and the light flassed at 1120, 16, 1.6 and 800. What is my ppm? I'm growing tomatoes and having some problems. Any advice?

Phil in Alaska

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I have the truncheon also, it's great. The problem actually is with the ppm scales, how do you know which scale is being quoted when they tell you what the ppms should be. Therefore I don't pay any attention to ppm, I use a guide list that tells me the recomended CF or EC that way there is no confusion. They are also easier numbers to write down if you are keeping logs or notes.

The ppm scales are really only guesses anyway.

I know this probably doesn't really answer your question but most ppm lists I have seen also give either cf or ec so hopefully you can find some references to help you.

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denalilofts(5 AK)

Thanks for the suggestion. I was looking in a tomato hydro book and it had the ec range for tomatos at 2 to 3.6 so that will most certainly work out better.

Phil in Alaska

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