Coco peat container tomatoes

leeds78May 24, 2013


I'm new to the forum as well Hydroponics, I'm trying to grow tomatoes in coco peat containers,. tomatoes trees are grown but it more than 3 weeks still small trees 4 inches.

what I'm doing is poring nutrients every 2 days, but no enough sunlight,

some time I see fungus in coco peat why is that,

kindly advice.


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My best guess is you have too much Coco peat and your roots are staying Too wet. I do drip and expanded Clay pellets or Dutch buckets and my tomatoes plants are over foot tall in 3 weeks.


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Coco peat already has a high water holding capacity, so it does not needs much water for the roots growth. I think the roots are staying too wet. Also, since sunlight is essential for the plant growth, it should get proper exposure to sunlight, as well. You can try it, I'm sure you'll have a good yield.

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why don't you drill 4-5 holes in your container to drain the excess nutrient solution?

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Thanks for alll advice, after i kept in sun it grown, then started blooms and they diedmwihiut any fruit, im so sad.

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Yes, pot is full of cocopeat , i read hydroponics always need water . Is not correct' also there are wholes in the pot.

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