Plant/Tree Suggestions for Zone 10 Japanese Garden?

yangkiJanuary 10, 2007

I need help selecting plants/trees for a small Japanese Garden I am planning in sandy soil mostly shaded by a live oak and neighbor's trees. Tampa Bay is being rezoned from 9 to 10. A dry garden is out of the question with all the summer rain and winter leaf fall. I don't want any grass to mow and it doesn't grow well here anyway. I am in Clearwater near the Gulf of Mexico. Insects abound, but Periwinkles, Spiderwort, Mexican Petunias, Elephant Ears and Papayas grow without care. I am not interested in a high maintenance garden, but don't mind some pruning. My ideal would be stone walks through lush foliage (native to the area that stay where I put them, if possible) with some color variation and an Oriental feel even if it isn't authentic to the Orient. I have an arched Bridge (but cannot put in a stream as the Live Oak roots cover almost the entire yard), stone lanterns, a Buddha statue, three established Gardenia bushes, a teahouse/pagoda (converted shed) and dreams. I don't know where people get large rocks around here, but I see them in other yards and look longingly. Mostly I need suggestions of plants and shrubs I can grow here easily. Thanks. Homagashu Yang Ki

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yama(7b Ga)

I lived in Miami for 12 1/2 years and had a sister in St Petersburg.( she is gone) I was member of Florida Nuseryman and grower associatin ( Dade county)and have runed own nusery for short time.
I forgot many collect spelling of plants and trees of Florida. After I check plant name spelling, I will post it.

What is your garden size will be? . If you can post photo of your plot it will help and tell me direction, north south and shade or full sun. if shaded, moring sun ? or afternoon sun ? how many hours of sun ? or no sun at all?. How far from salt water ? within 2 miles ? or water front?
Do you know how to use growth regulator ? ............
Some time people don't want to answer to questions and I understand it. More you provide informations , you get more usefull sugestions............ yama

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