Food Safe Pumps?

cole_robbie(6)May 10, 2013

I was looking into what it would take to make my hydro lettuce into a certified organic product. Apparently, all of the hydro system has to be constructed with only "food safe" materials. They make food safe pond liners, and I have seen organic hydro lettuce grown in a raft system. But I think the aeration is done with an air pump. I can't seem to find food safe water pumps in the size I need. They make small ones for beer brewing and solar collectors, but they are too small. I would like a food safe mag-drive 300-600gph pump, or even something larger like a sump pump would be fine in a bigger system. But I don't think such a product exists???

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Marine animals are sensitive to chemicals, so probably water pumps for large aquariums will be good enough. I've seen 450 gph ones.

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The "Mondi" pumps distributed by C.A.P. are food safe I think. I know they are oil free. Also look at U.S. Plastic, they are real good at identifying which products are FDA food safe.

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