Help! Must move hydrangeas!

joojeJune 21, 2011

Hi all,

We signed a contract today to have central air installed in our home. While this is a terrific upgrade for the people in our family, it may not be for the plants, specifically the hydrangeas. The compressor will be installed on the side of the house where I have three young hydrangeas that I have been nurturing for the last 2 years. Between the compressor being installed and the men working over there, I have to move got trampled by the cable guy last year, so I predict this will be a necessity. What do I do? Am I better off moving tem to pots or finding a new permanent home for them? How do I move them at the height of bloom without damaging them?

Any help would be appreciated!!


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water daily and shade and TLC-what zone are you in???

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Thanks! I am in zone 6 now, but I spent my college years in your 'Burg.

Any other advice you have I would be happy to hear!

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Hydrangeas are really not that fragile garden beauties ~ If the one trampled by a big guy, made it back they should survive a move. Be sure to try & get as much if not all the whole root balls & either pot up or sink as usual. Might want to use *Start Up* or any other root stimulator w/ watering.

I've moved 4 young ones several times looking for the right site & they made it after sulking for a bit w/ each move! I'll have to relocate 1 of them again & she's a bit older now!

What Hs are they?

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I'm not sure what type they are. Theres one traditional blue, one pink and one white. The white one is the one that got trampled, and this year it managed just one tiny bloom. The blue is the most fully developed, while the pink is just starting to bloom.

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move and water!!!!!

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