just_startin_outMay 22, 2013

I've recently started my hand at hydroculture. I have been using the pot and saucer method with a terracotta pot with one large drainage hole. I am wondering if this is sufficient or do I really need something with many more holes?


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Could you elaborate on your system?
Are you filling the saucer and letting it wick into the medium?
Normally, when I think of hydroculture, I think of rooting a cutting in a glass of water in a window.

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dellis326 (Danny)

What are you trying to grow?

I grow a bunch of house plants this way. it'll be better with more air getting to the roots though. switch to orchid pots with slits up the sides or net pots.

Don't use soil or you're asking for problems later on. I use hydroton or sphagnum moss to hold the roots.

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