Leaf Curl

lynndion566May 16, 2009

Hi all: please help with what could cause leaf curl and wilt on newer leaves only, see pic. of green bean plant. Beans are 1-3 inches long and have looked healthy up to this point. Growing in perlite, dwc with air stone, outdoors with intermittant fan for cooling...temps in hig 80's. PH is 6.0. EC 1.9. roots are off white. Thanks for any help you can give. Will try to send pic with this post.

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are they always like this, or does it come and go at different times of the day?

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It does not wilt at all on rainy days. Wilt is usually there when I get up. I know it is hot and have put in shade but that does not seem to help...they still wilt except when it rains. Beans seem to be progressing ok though slowly. Thanks for any input.

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