Anyone ever heard of white tinted clear slime

nitriderMay 4, 2006


I've been using 80-120 GPH recirculating hydroponic system, a 65 liter p/m air pump with ceramic air stones in the 25 gal. sump of my system, with a Grow, boost, thrive alive, kelp extract, and dutchmaster root zone conditioner.The air temp is 84F and the water temp is 73F. I've been growing my plants in peat pots with soil until they are large enough to be transplanted. My first attempt after transplant into the HP system resulted in the leaves curling down aroung itself. Also a "clear slimmy goo" in the root stucture and on the pipes near the surface of the water but no on top.Had major plant loss.I placed the remaining in soil and they recovered fully. I cleaned the HP system from head to toe. started with fresh water and fresh nutrients at 600-800ppm and 6.3 Ph.

I placed my plants back into the HP system and the same thing happened again.The Ph seemed to fall and the blasted "white tinted clear slime" reappeared after a short while. All my plant began to die. Back into the soil!


yeast,over watering, lack oxygen, algae, pithyium, bacteria, root rot...

bugs, temp.,

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what color are the roots? sounds like pythium if the roots feel like a slimy mush and are slightly brown and still a little white.

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where did you get your water from? you need to test that water, it might have some bad stuff in it like chlorine or too hard.

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You don't say where the water came from, ie, is it municipal supply, surface water, well water and etc......

Have you had it tested? If you have, what are the results?

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City water.
High Ph, probly a little hard, and chlorine.I use ph down and dechlorinator. I'll see if I cant get it tested for other minerals.

Whent to soil for now. I'm going to keep working on it on a smaller scale. Eventually it will be fixed.

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If you have municipal supply, you have chlorine and slime mold. Slime mold gets into underground municipal water systems; it is not harmful to drink, but, as you and I both discovered, it plugs up the pipes and makes a nasty slime.

I have a 25 gal reservoir on a recirculating system and I draw municiplal water into a 5-gal bucket at least 48 hours before I use it in the reservoir. Letting water stand lets the chlorine go off to atmosphere. I also treat the water with 500-1000 ppm of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide which controls the slime mold.

I do nothing for minerals but compensate for it by adjusting nutrient concentrations....the plants will use the minerals.

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