Do you recognize these Japanese seeds?

gooberstrawJanuary 11, 2009

Hello everyone,

Last summer, we moved to a house and found these two packets of seeds in a closet. The previous tenants were Japanese and often received seeds from Japan so I'm very curious but I don't read Japanese.

Can anyone recognize these seeds or read Japanese?

Here is , and these are from packet #1.

This is and from this packet.

I would love to know if these are veggies or flowers or herbs or...

Thanks for any insight!

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Again ImageShack doesn't show me the goods.

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Here's the first packet:

The seeds look like this:

The second packet:

Seeds from packet #2:

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package 1:

'wisteria colored
small flower
balcony pot'

package 2:
twenty (?)

hope that helps...

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Wow - this sounds wonderful! Thank you so very much Mark for taking the time to translate. I was about to give up and throw away the seeds.

I wonder if the wisteria is a japanese dwarf variety that can be grown in a pot. Something to try this summer. As for the daikon, I can either grow it for pickling or to help break up the heavy soil we have in the garden. Either way, these seeds will not go to waste.

Thanks again, Mark. I really appreciate you going through the trouble.

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The translation was a bit literal perhaps- sorry-
packet 1 is 'wisteria colored small flowers' -that is to say, they are small purple flowers of unknown description.

still worth planting them out- they apparently liked being on the balcony :)

As for the daikon- daikon sprouts can be pretty tasty...


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Considering the seeds are 22 years old, I'm hoping that some will germinate, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll try the 'baggie method' to check viability. Both seed packets were kept in a basement closet, so not ideal storage location (though basement is dry most times of the year).

If germination is good, I'll plant some and take a picture when (if?) the plant flowers and post it here (is this the right forum to do so?). Perhaps someone can identify/recognize the plant. And it goes without saying that I'll save some seed and share if folks are interested :)

Never thought you could eat daikon sprouts - do they taste peppery? Let's hope those seeds are also viable...

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