yet another study...

inkognitoFebruary 28, 2012 prove Jodi right.

"The scientists also found a strong link between social status and greed, a connection they suspect might exacerbate the economic gulf between the rich and poor."

Here is a link that might be useful: not news -confirmation

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Let the howls begin: A raft of studies into unethical behaviour across the social classes has delivered a withering verdict on the upper echelons of society.

Privileged people behaved consistently worse than others in a range of situations, with a greater tendency to lie, cheat, take things meant for others, cut up other road users, not stop for pedestrians on crossings, and endorse unethical behaviour, researchers found.

I predict an attack on the institution that conducted the studies and the area where the studies were conducted.

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Saw that this AM - our paper carried a piece from the LA Times.

"Because rich people have more financial resources, they're less dependent on social bonds for survival... self interests reign and they have fewer qualms about breaking the rules."

Interesting, though, researchers discovered ethical standards could slip by suddenly findinging one's self in the 1% by winning the lottery, etc.

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The University of California at Berkeley "spying" on people and noting that people in "less classy cars" cut people off a percentage less than those in more "prestigious cars?

ROTF. "Less classy cars?

Talk about unscientific and a preordained outcome.
But it makes some feel smug, I'm sure.

Usually the people that are always worrying about what others do and have rather than working on their own problems.

Of course more people were greedy.
This was California!

BTW, I wonder how they'd study me--I drive a Lexus part of the time and an eight year old Honda part of the time--guess the days I'm driving the Lexus I'm an inconsiderate, greedy driver and the days I'm driving the old Honda I'm less classy and therefore less greedy and a more considerate driver.

I'd love to throw a big time wrench in their study and wear mink while driving the old Honda and blue jeans and a sweatshirt in the Lexus.

They wouldn't know which prejudices to use against me!

What a stupid "study."

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How not surprising... both tests and certain responses...

Quite honestly, I don't think we needed tests performed to glean this sort of knowledge. It stares us in the face every day as part of public dealings.

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Money = Power = Opportunity to Abuse Others who lack both.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

nah-na-na-naaa-naaaaaah! Demi wears skins of dead animals!

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

Money = Power = Opportunity to Abuse Others who lack both.

Yup! You don't need to look beyond the White House and the revolving door Chief of Staff choices to realize how true it is.

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Gypsy Nancy Lee predicts...the usual suspects fall into place.

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In the first of the studies, researchers concealed themselves close to a crossroads in the Bay Area of San Francisco and spied on drivers who were expected to stop and wait their turn before driving on. Whenever a car arrived at the junction, the scientists ranked the driver's class on a scale of one to five according to the model, age and appearance of the car.

On average, 12.4% of the observed drivers failed to wait their turn and cut in front of other road users. Those in the less classy cars cut people up less than 10% of the time, but drivers in the most prestigious cars did so around one third of the time.

In some of our low income regions, many of the poor drivers are very cautious as they're driving illegally, often with no license, a suspended license, no insurance, expired registration, expired inspection etc.

They can't afford the cost of getting in an accident, or getting pulled over - tickets, towing, impound fees, lawyers, jail time etc.

Some drive cautiously since they have outstanding warrants, traffic tickets, or they're in possession of drugs, open container etc.

Many drive cautiously since their vehicles are gas guzzlers, or have poor acceleration, poor brakes, bald tires, poor bearings, steering and suspension components, no ABS, no airbags etc.

When we pass through numerous police roadblocks, most of the vehicles pulled off to the side of the road for violations aren't newer, or luxury vehicles.

That said, I have more full sized trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles cut me off than "Classy" cars.

Many of our wealthy friends, relatives, customers and business associates drive average cars, trucks or SUVs.

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Well Brush they are members of the 1%

Our division advances their cause.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Gypsy Nancy Lee predicts

You forgot "Rose" but I appreciate the thought!

At least you didn't compare me to Dr. Pavlov. Wait, you're the one who started this thread... Dr. Ink.

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david52 Zone 6

Occams Razor leads me here: people who drive fancy and expensive cars are jerks.

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Funny - In my son's driver's ed class, they actually advise the students that in the event of a 'close arrival' at an intersection, to yield to the more expensive car because 'they're going to go first anyway'.

Yes - they teach that.

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When I was a young thing getting around on my bike I learned to look out for two kinds of drivers-Rich Chicklets-(girls in cute little cars) and rich old people in big fancy cars. They would blow you off the road into the ditch and never pause and they always took the right of way even when they had the stop sign. These days where I live you look out for the guys in huge extended cab pickups with dualies-very expensive vehicles. They are going to pass you no matter what. Entitlement gone beserk.

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I usually give wide berth to the occasional 1959 or so Lincoln Continental with most of the chrome and doors complete with baling wire. They cruise up to stop signs and tend to keep going.

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"in higher eschelons" are more risk resistant and better resourced and you can hire better lawyers...."

That part is certainly accurate and could explain some behaviors.

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If anyone reads the entire article, you will find that the study done gave people tests to see what their attitudes were regarding ethics, honesty, etc. and knew what financial class they were in. The part about automobile drivers was kind of an add-on, which, I agree, was ridiculous because there was no way to verify the financial class of the drivers.

So, overall, I think the test was pretty accurate. Those at the very top think, and know, that they have sufficient money, thus power, to buy their way out of most situations where they have harmed others, financially or physically. See, e.g., the governor of Florida. I think Bernie Madoff was the exception, that's why he got so much publicity.

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"If you occupy a more insular world, you're less likely to be sensitive to the needs of others."

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