s? Izo-No-Hana not looking well

cottage-gardenJune 22, 2012

I have 2 Hydrangea Izo-No-Hana plants that are in their 3rd year. Last year they were too young to flower but this year the one on the left is flowering. They face west and are shaded part of the day by the fence. http://tinyurl.com/6pvvoav

The one on the right of the pot looked kind of shabby last year and this year. It got flower buds and then they shriveled. Closeup: http://tinyurl.com/7rgqykt

Another closeup: http://tinyurl.com/6ngnwpy

I was going to transplant it into the pot hopping a change to the front courtyard would make it happier. Any suggestions?

Along the fence are my Nikko Blues that are lush and full of beautiful blooms.

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I added a closeup of the Izo-No-Hana's little blooms.

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